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2's Complement is growing!

Steve Jobs says that in order to succeed you have to hire people better than you (look who’s talking!). A-Class persons attract A-Class persons, B-Class persons attract C-Class persons and C-Class companies do not succeed.When Adil and I started 2’s Complement, we very understood it and aimed to get a great person on board as soon as we get cash flow positive.We had following things in our mind about the person we’ll get on board: He should understand how technology can make our lives better, should be familiar with what “creating value for society” means, should complement our skill set and most importantly should believe that he can change the world!Today is the day! Yaser Amir Awan has joined us as Director Business Development. Yaser did his BS Computer Science from FAST-NU in 2005 and then worked at Systems Ltd. for two and a half years. Don’t underestimate him by his formal qualifications! He’s an artist, a sportsman, a humorist, a business person, a hacker and a visionary. For those of you who know Yaser, I won’t boast much about the valuable asset added in our company.Yaser, welcome aboard!