Desi Programmer @ Work

If Pakistani Political Parties were Programming Languages

PPP would be C -- A mature yet legacy language which is now used by either system level programmers or mostly by malware writers.

PML-N would be C++ -- Claims to provide everything C provides but has a lot more overhead. It's object oriented features such as multiple inheritance and friend classes become problematic.

MQM would be Assembly -- Hard to use but when used well, it can be extremely efficient. At the same time, a small mistake can halt the whole system.

JI would be Python -- Very well documented and thoroughly organized. People like it’s clean syntax but only after enough usage they find out it’s intricate issues whose only resolution is to switch over to another language.

PTI would be Go -- A new language which has suddenly become very popular among C and Python programmers because it tends to provide best of the both worlds. It has polarized people; some are in blind love with it while others are skeptical and don't want to risk using it because of it's new ways.

PAT would be BrainF* -- Not a programming language actually. Was a fun project of someone which people started taking slightly more seriously than a joke. It has a minimal syntax yet the most complicated structure. Deliberately tries to obfuscate any understanding of the code.

(Inspired by If programming languages were cars).