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Prank @ LUMS on 1st April


Who says Nerds have no life! Nerds have the most creative minds and come up with most interesting ideas. That's why they are Nerds. For instance MIT hackers pull the coolest hacks & pranks which fascinate people all over globe.This year on 1st April we (2's complement: i.e. Adil, Yaser & me) came up with some ideas and teamed with others at NEWT Lab to pull a small prank at LUMS.At around 4:00 AM in the morning of April 1st we filled the office of Dr. Umar Saif with over 150 balloons. The office has just walls on three sides and a non-opening glass window and a door on the front side. The great part is that the whole prank was carried out without opening his room. How did we do that? That's an interesting story!Before I tell you the trick of the trade I must mention that in a bid to pull a prank on Dr. Umar, he unintentionally made us april fools by telling us that he'll be coming to LUMS and did not come :P We kept waiting for him and he came the next day, i.e. 2nd April. Thats why they say "o tuaday v ustaad nay!". However the balloons were still inflated and he along with everyone else enjoyed a lot.Here's what we did:We took over 200 balloons, some strings and a few empty plastic bottles of soft drinks. Small holes were made in the bottoms of the bottles. A balloon was inflated by placing it on the bottle's opening and blowing in the hole. But how was infalted balloon thrown in tightly shut room? It wasn't. First, the balloon was tightly fitted on the bottle's mouth, then slid underneath the door opening, which was about 4 mm wide and was then inflated pushed in. The videos and photos depict what we did.


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