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Installing OS with Bootable USB

Laziness is a quality of great programmers. I tried to be amongst them by not taking the headache of putting a DVD-ROM Drive in my new test server machine for installation of an Operating System. And who really wants to get bothered by unscrewing the case, connecting the drive's data and power cables, burning the CD, putting in and booting up from the mechanical stuff anyway.

Maybe it took me more time to figure out the way of booting an ISO image from my USB Flash Drive than the above procedure but it was certainly more fun. The next time, installation will be just plug n play for me; without the need of disconnect n connecting cables (No, I don't like to keep a DVD-Drive fitted in any of my machine).

The process is very simple. Just download and run UNetbootin. Choose the ISO image you'd like to boot from (In my case, it was Ubunt 8.04) and the USB drive on which you'd like to write on. Click next, and in a few minutes you are done!

It works great under Linux as well as Windows.