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Future Secondary School English Examination 2.0

Looking at the way technology is influencing our everyday speaking and writing styles, I think it won't be long before even the most traditional of our schools would get influenced. I remember back in 1997 when I was doing my matriculation studies at Crescent Model School, the teachers did adopt to write letters the way email is indented (i.e. double new line between paragraphs and no indentation at the starting line)

Based on these thoughts, I think the future exams of English might look something like this:

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Pakistan Matriculation Exam - English B Date: 10th March 2015

Total Marks: 100 Time Duration: 1 hour 45 Minutes

Q1. Write a blog post entry on one of the following having no more than 2000 characters (20 Marks)

  • Life in a Big City
  • Ev0lut10n of cont3mp0r4ry scr1pt$

Q2. Suggest titles for flickr photos tagged with following keywords

  1. thirsty, crow, pitcher, pebbles (5 marks)
  2. lol, cheeseburger, computer, router (5 marks)

Q3. Write an SMS to your Uncle thanking him for the gift he sent. You may concatenate two SMS to avail 300 characters limit. (10 marks)

Q4. Write an e-mail application to your headmaster requesting him to allow the use of social networks on the school network (15 marks)

Q5. Write a snail mail letter, having no more than 100 words, to your grandfather inviting him to use GMail (15 marks)

Q6. a) Translate into English: "Hy Dad. Rcvd da cash. Cudnt buy books cuz Friendz wanna party. LoL! GTG. Thx. TC" (10 marks)
b) Translate the following Roman Urdu into English "Zindigi k nashebo faraz mein insan par aisa waqt ata hai jab uss ko har taraf andher nazar ata ha" (10 Marks)

Q7 a) Tweet your friend inviting him to spend coming summer vacations with you (5 Marks)
b) Update your Facebook status telling everyone that you won't be available for the next few days but would still keep in touch via net (5 marks)